Saturday, November 17, 2012

Cute Stuff

I made some time recently to paint a few cute things for some stationary to send out to a few friends. The owl colors were based off a box of chocolates I got as a gift, and it ended up being very colorful-almost too colorful! The dog is based off of a friend's dog...although I forget what the breed is called!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Found Baby Rat

Co-workers found this little baby outside on Thursday and no one wanted to get rid of it, so they decided to give it to me (since the last thing found at work was a kitten that became my cat-I know..I'm such a sucker.) Thank goodness for the internet, I found out it was not a baby possum or raccoon, it was a baby rat approximately a week old, and read up on how to take care of it with helpful advice from friends too. Boy did I wish I wasn't such a softie! So here I am, three days later, still caring for this tiny little critter. Of course I can't keep it, it'll have to grow up to be a wild animal, and released eventually. For now, I will try to make it's stay as comfortable as I can but yes, I am using gloves.

In other news, it has been seriously 5 months or more since I've posted anything! I've had a busy holiday season between Thanksgiving, our annual Disneyland trip, Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries and Easter too! Whew, off to drawing!